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Bohemian Grove

Summer, 1967 at Owls Nest Camp with two future U.S. presidents. Around the table, left to right: Preston Hotchkis, Ronald Reagan, Harvey Hancock (standing), Richard Nixon, Glenn T. Seaborg, Jack Sparks, (unidentified individual), Frank Lindine, and Edwin W. Pauley. Retrieved July 15, 2009
Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre (1,100 ha) campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private San Francisco-based men’s art club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world.[1][2]

Bohemian Club

“Weaving spiders come not here”—inscription surrounding an owl on a bronze bas-relief plaque built into the brick wall near the corner of Taylor and Post Streets in San Francisco
The Bohemian Club is a private gentlemen’s club located at 624 Taylor Street, San Francisco, California.[1] Founded in 1872 from a regular meeting of journalists, artists and musicians, it soon began to accept businessmen and entrepreneurs as permanent members, as well as offering temporary membership to university presidents and military commanders who were serving in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today, the club has a diverse membership of many local and global leaders, ranging from artists and musicians to businessmen.

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The Masonic Square and Compasses.
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Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that traces its origins to the loose organization of medieval Stonemasonry.[1] Early organizational forms included “lodges,” incorporations, and craft guilds.[2] Early Freemasonry based on craft labour is known as Operative Freemasonry, while the modern, more philosophical form of Freemasonry is known as Speculative Freemasonry.

Freemasonry now exists in various forms all over the world, with a membership estimated at around six million world wide.[3] The fraternity is administratively organised into independent Grand Lodges (or sometimes Grand Orients), each of which governs its own Masonic jurisdiction, which consists of subordinate (or constituent) Lodges. . The largest single jurisdiction, in terms of membership, is the United Grand Lodge of England (with a membership estimated at around a quarter million). The Grand Lodge of Scotland and Grand Lodge of Ireland (taken together) have approximately 150,000 members [4]. In the United States, the Fraternity is divided between fifty-one Grand Lodges (one for each State, plus Washington DC), which taken together have a total membership of just under two million.[5]

The various Grand Lodges recognise each other, or not, based upon adherence to landmarks. A Grand Lodge will usually deem other Grand Lodges who share common landmarks to be regular, and those that do not to be “irregular” or “clandestine”.

There are also numerous appendant bodies, which are organisations related to the main branch of Freemasonry, but with their own independent

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Adam Weishaupt (1748–1830), founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.
The Illuminati (plural of Latin illuminatus, “enlightened”) is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality. The Illuminati were outlawed along with other secret societies by the Bavarian government leadership with the encouragement of the Roman Catholic Church, and permanently disbanded in 1785.[1] In the several years following, the group was vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed they had regrouped and were responsible for the French Revolution.

In subsequent use, “Illuminati” refers to various organizations claiming or purported to have unsubstantiated links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, and often alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos.

Here’s the question plain and simple. Are these groups real? Are they connected? What is the real deal? Are they racist?, if they are racist how is it even possible for a black man to be in the illuminati? I am not trying to stir the pot I just find it very strange that more and more we are hearing about groups that are supposed to be a secret. Why is that? When you ask the question why you begin the journey for knowledge and wisdom.

En El Fuego

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Charlize Theron
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15. Megan Fox
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21. Katy Perry
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43. Rachel Ray
44. Stacey Keibler
45. Salma Hayek
46. Halle Berry
47. Robin Meade
48. Rosario Dawson
49. Padma Lakshmi
50. Cindy Crawford


Stand for something or fall for everything. Always stay true to you, and always keep it real and if you don’t do nothing else in life always keep it real with yourself and everyone around you.

Movies, Music, Video games Vs social morality

Columbine High School massacre
Columbine High School massacre
Location Columbine, Colorado, U.S.
Date April 20, 1999
11:19 am – 12:08 pm (UTC-6)
Target Students and faculty at Columbine High School
Attack type School shooting, mass murder, massacre, murder–suicide, fire, suicide attack, shootout, attempted bombing, late car explosion
Weapon(s) Intratec TEC-DC9, Hi-Point 995 Carbine, Savage 67H pump-action shotgun, Stevens 311D double barreled sawed-off shotgun, 99 explosives, 4 knives
Deaths 15 (including both perpetrators)
Injured (non-fatal) 21
Perpetrators Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Motive Various
The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting which occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, an unincorporated area of Jefferson County in the State of Colorado. In addition to shootings, the complex and highly planned attack involved a fire bomb to divert firefighters, propane tanks converted to bombs placed in the cafeteria, 99 explosive devices, and bombs rigged in cars. Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, murdered a total of 12 students and one teacher. They injured 21 additional students, with three other people being injured while attempting to escape the school. The pair then committed suicide.

Although their motives remain unclear, the personal journals of the perpetrators document that they wished their actions to rival the Oklahoma City bombing. The attack has been referred to by USA Today as a “suicidal attack [which was] planned as a grand – if badly implemented – terrorist bombing.”[1] The Columbine High School massacre is the deadliest mass murder committed on an American high school campus, and is noted as one of the first and most serious of a series of high profile spree shootings which have since occurred.[2]

The massacre sparked debate over gun control laws, the availability of firearms within the United States and gun violence involving youths. Much discussion also centered on the nature of high school cliques, subcultures and bullying, in addition to the influence of violent movies and video games in American society. The shooting resulted in an increased emphasis on school security, and a moral panic aimed at goth culture, social outcasts, gun culture, the use of pharmaceutical anti-depressants by teenagers, teenage Internet use[3] and violent video games.[4][5]

2012 Aurora shooting

Century 16 at Town Center at Aurora

Bottom left: Map of Colorado with Aurora marked
Top: Map of central Aurora
Bottom right: Town Center at Aurora and the location of the Century 16 multiplex
Location 14300 E. Alameda Avenue,
Aurora, Colorado, U.S.
Coordinates 39.7059°N 104.8206°W
Date July 20, 2012
12:38 am – 12:45 am (MDT)
Attack type Mass shooting
Tear gas grenade
Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle
Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun
Two Glock 22 handguns[1]
Deaths 12
Injured (non-fatal) 58
Suspected perpetrator James Eagan Holmes (in custody)
On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others.[2] The sole suspect is James Eagan Holmes, who was arrested outside the cinema minutes later.

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

Police arrive in front of the elementary school after the shooting.
Location Sandy Hook, Connecticut, United States
Coordinates 41°25′12″N 73°16′43″W[1]
Date December 14, 2012
c. 9:35 am – c. 9:40 am[2][3][4] (EST)
Target Students and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School
Attack type School shooting, murder–suicide, matricide, spree shooting
Deaths 28 total; 27 at the school (including perpetrator) and perpetrator’s mother (at home)[5][6]
Injured (non-fatal) 2[7]
Perpetrator Adam Peter Lanza[8][9]
On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.[5][6] Before driving to the school, Lanza had shot and killed his mother Nancy at their Newtown home.[8][10][11] As first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

The incident is the second deadliest mass shooting by a single person in American history, after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. It is the second deadliest mass murder at an American elementary school, after the 1927 Bath School bombings in Michigan.[12][13]

The shootings prompted renewed debate about gun control in the United States, and a proposal for new legislation banning the sale and manufacture of certain types of semi-automatic firearms and magazines with more than ten rounds of ammunition.[14]

Can we really blame movies music and video games for these very tragic events. I was a child if the 80s and a teenager of the 90s it is during my generation when this outbreak of violent movies and video games occurred it is also during my generation when the genre of music known as gangster rap bursted on to the scene, although all of this things are filled with very questionable content I don’t really know if it should be blamed for everything because I believe that the individuals responsible for the heinous act were already mentally and psychologically poisoned before any forms of entertainment came into play. How do you blame Hollywood for the acts of evil doers I don’t defend Hollywood I just believe there are much more deeper elements that go on inside the minds of these psychos. Just think about it Charles Manson, Stanley(Tookie)Williams, Jim Jones, Jeffrey Dahmer and Marcus Wesson didn’t have mainstream or pop culture influencing there actions and just look what happen. The danger in our society is that young Caucasian children are allowed to get away with murder both figuratively and literally while young black people get the death penalty just for being black. The problem in our society is much more deeper than movies music and games, I mean think about this when I was a teenager the two biggest games on the market were Domb on pc and mortal kombat on sega geniuses my friends and I spent hours playing these games and we did not turn out to be murderers just look at it I have five published books my own non profit organization for the physically disabled and now I’m here blogging with you guys and my best friend the guy that played all the games for me is in Med School. I’m not trying to brag I’m just trying to say that you can not manufacture a killer just by watching some and playing some games. The guys who kill have to already be twisted mentally beyond what we see on the outside.

Dream On

When your past accomplishments are greater than your future goals your life is coming to an end. I don’t know about you but I am not ready to take that ride, and neither should you.

Every time that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by like dusk to dawn
Isn’t that the way
Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay

Yeah, I know nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it’s everybody’s sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life’s in books’ written pages
Live and learn from fools and from sages
You know it’s true
All the things you do, come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear
Sing with me, if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Sing with me, sing it for the year
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear
Sing with me, if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Dream on, dream on, dream on,
Dream until your dream come true
Dream on, dream on, dream on,
And dream until your dream come true
Dream on [7x]

Sing with me, sing it for the year
Sing for the laughter and sing it for the tear
Sing with me, if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Sing with me, sing it for the year
Sing for the laughter and sing it for the tear
Sing with me, if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

Life is filled with obstacles but use those obstacles as stepping stones to greatness. It is only the final steps of a journey that lead to an arrival, just keep traveling baby. If someone says that they have never failed that means they have never tried anything in life. The word fear and the words I can’t are both myths you don’t know unless you try it and you can’t succeed unless you take a leap of faith, sometimes it’s good to leap before you look. Always embrace the unknown, don’t be one of those people that judge something just because you don’t understand. People fear what they can’t conquer and hate what they don’t understand.

Third Eye

My twelfth grade literature teacher always taught us don’t believe everything that you see with your natural eye but be more concerned with the things that are not visible. The invisible things can only be seen with your minds eye or your third eye. We live in a world that is flooded with secret society groups and organizations these groups are said to be the ones that are really running this country not the folks up there in the White House. The bohemian grove, the free masons, the infamous and popular illuminati, and the skull and bones are the groups that are in charge. Or so I’ve heard, I have a belief that this country was not only founded on Christans value and beliefs but also on a collection of conspiracies. Some people believe that this is nothing more than childish in real make believe but just check our history. The death of Medgrar Evers, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and President JFK all fall into the category of conspiracy inside jobs. To be more up to date on conspiracy inside jobs just look at 911 and 2005 Hurricane Katrina the hurricane itself was an act of nature but the levees are a whole another discussion for another time. I truly believe that the local and National news programs are used as nothing more than illusions something used to create smoke screens to keep us Americans in the dark to what the facts really are. We the people know matter if we’re democrats or republicans have the right to ask as many ridiculous questions that we desire, after all we are the ones that put these clowns in office so in mind they work for us not the other way around. Question everything, believe nothing and always use your third eye. We can put a man on the moon in the 60’s but we can’t figure out how to cure diseases or how to make people walk again in this the 21st century. Lol , wtf


Reality Shows have injected our television sets with mindless and senseless idiotic Poison. It is impossible to find anything worth watching on prime time television because of reality shows. What ever happen to good family television shows that individuals used to rush home to watch with the family I understand that when times change we must also change in order to keep up with society or with the joneses but when did we trade in our good sense of quality and taste for the bull crap that has flooded our televisions sets you don’t ever get rid of quality. Now a days anybody could be a celebrity, all you need is a camera phone and YouTube and then you have a hit, you may not realize it right now but that’s very sad. Everything on television these days seems to have that under toned reality show concepts that bastardize ent.


Democracy – 1. government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
2. a state having such a form of government: The United States and Canada are democracies.
3. a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges.

Dictatorship – 1. a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator
2. absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control.
3. the office or position held by a dictator.

Freedom – 1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint: He won his freedom after a retrial.
2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3. the power to determine action without restraint.

Third world country – 1. the underdeveloped nations of the world, especially those with widespread poverty.
2. the group of developing nations, especially of Asia and Africa, that do not align themselves with the policies of either the U.S. or the former Soviet Union.
3. the minority groups within a nation or predominant culture.

New world order – 1. the post-Cold War organization of power in which nations tend to cooperate rather than foster conflict.

Euro dollar – A eurodollar is U.S. currency held in banks outside the U.S. (typically in Europe). Eurodollars are not the same thing as euros, the currency of the European Union.

The great white shark is the apex predator in the ocean which means it is at the very top if the food chain when it comes to all marine life bottom line is no other animal in the ocean stands a chance against the great white shark, this awesome animal is built for destruction, it can grow from 10 to 25 feet long it can get up to 2500 to 5000 pounds and it can travel thirty to 40 miles per hour underwater and it also can breech out of the water 5 to 15 feet high. We the middle class citizens of America right now at the bottom of the social food chain the big boys upstairs are desperately trying to wipe out middle America when this happens this country will move from a democracy into a dictatorship which will turn us into another third world country, and when that happens this world will fall into a one world government which will then lead into one world currency and at that point the anti Christ will be in charge there is really no way at all to block this, all you can do to ensure your safety is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior. just like we have the holy trinity there is also a in holy trinity these very bad and evil individuals want to corrupt, disrupt distort and destroy everything that god has built up, the enemy wants to kill steal and destroy our faith, this is how he plans on destroying gods people he wants to hurt our Heavenly Father and he wants to do it through us gods people. Through the fire still alive a little battered and bruised but still alive thank you Jesus. The enemy cannot win, it kind of makes me wonder just what role will the illuminati, skull and bones and any other secret society will play in all of this???