My Intro, Lawrence Island

My legal name is Larry Barnett Jr. but I prefer lawrence island because its seems  to match up better with my life history, i will explain that at a later date. why did I decide to become a blogger? well the answer to that question is quite simple, my life situation, path and journey dictated this move. I had several buisness experiences that just didnt play out the way I had hoped, so here I am. you may be wondering what type of experiences? I wrote six books, five got published but no one really gave a crap about anything that I’ve wrote, so I tried to develope my own record label and that idea was shot straight to hell because the industry is filled with crazy artest that really believe everyone can be the boss. I tried a few other things such as public speaking, my own line of clothes and I even wanted to be a pofessional chef at one point of my life. So pretty much I had no limitations on things you can blog about. oh by the way I am paralyzed from the neck down every since age 6, I am now 33 years old and there is a lot that  I need to say. I can speak on anything from sports, hollyweird excuse i mean hollywood , relationships, I mean you name it i got it and if i dont got it i would be sure to learn up on it. I hope this new adventure will be very exciting for me so please join me on this ride so please feel free to teach me what I dont know, I want to be very good at this and the only way to be good its to learn. 8 time member of the national honor society, carried a GPA of 4.0 from 4th grade until 9th grade, graduated on time despite a physical disability, a member of the who’s who among high school graduates in the USA among others academic awards and acknowledgements. My stats are very real I also have three years of college under my belt, men lie, women lie but stats don’t in the words of Jay-Z


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