The Voice vs American Idol! The Voice wins hands down no competition. The talent that you see on The Voice completely destroys anything that you have ever seen or ever will see on American Idol because the voice talent is already polished all they need is a little coaching. While on American Idol they are more consumed with the outside packaging of this mediocre talent The Voice is working with real del artist that they allow them to be themselves. Perfect example is the very beautiful and talented woman by the name of Judith Hill one of the baddest voices I have ever heard in my life, this woman is incredible I mean she sang back up for Micheal Jackson for two years so what did you expect. I’ve been watching the voice all four seasons and I have not been disappointed yet. The weakest voice on the voice can crush the best American Idol singer hands down. I love the concept of having coaches instead of judges, the blind auditions are brilliant because they are listening to the voice and not looking at the person. Adam Levine,Blake Shelton,Shakira and Usher have excellent chemistry unlike the four people on Idol, and the credentials of the people on the voice are far greater than anyone on Idol. Carson Daily is a better host than Seacrest what more could you possibly say about a show that speaks for it self?

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