I’m a firm believer that everything that is visa or to the human eye is nothing more than a mirage I feel that we cannot believe anything that we hear or see from any source that is on our Internet magazine newspaper or television, I feel that the news is designed to keep us in a state of panic and when they report a story we as a people should and must conduct our own research and seek for the truth on our own. I truly believe with all my heart that secret society exist all around the world and I also believe that the me members of these society’s are the ones that dictate everything that goes on in the corporate world, the private business sectors, the government and even in the world if sports. Don’t think I’m crazy I am just a man who has a lot of questions in fact I question everything including the medical field, why is it that doctors see fit to keep patients sick when medical research has shown that through medical science people can get healthy and stay healthy, medical insurance money may have something to do with it. A friend once told me never believe the things that your two eyes are looking at but always be concerned about the things you don’t see. Was 9-11 an inside conspiracy, I don’t know I’m just curious. I also have questions about how our government handled the David Koresh situation back in 92 excessive force maybe. From me to you question everything it just might save your life.

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