Invisible Trap

When parents send there children away to college they do so with the hopes of that young man or young women going away to become a person who can make a difference in our, you know a stand up citizen someone who is respectable. Moms and Dads do not send there kids to school so that he or she can be treated like trash by people who are in authority. This people have no right to abuse their authority or position just because they have a title in front of there names or behind it. Will someone please explain this to the folks at Penn State and Rutgers, over the past 2 years these institute of higher learning have been all over the news for the wrong reason they have not been talked about because academics or athletics but because of bullcrap scandals and controversy. Under know circumstances do you every have the right to abuse a kid emotionally or psychically. Who is in charge of the hiring process at these places? It seems like more and more that the folks in charge are the ones that need to be taught a lesson on how to behave in human society.


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