It was All A Dream

6/5/13 I had a dream that night but, before I get into it let me please first paint a the very strange Pacaso. I have been paralyzed since the age of 6 I have all but given up on the possibility of ever walking again and I am more than content with my life just the way it is. Not that it wouldn’t be good to walk again its just not something that I talk about, think about or dream about at the stage of my life. I haven’t dreamed about it in over 15years that’s what make this post so strange. On the night of Wednesday June 5th I had the oddest dream I was at a family get together in my dream and we were having a good time as usual and then I spotted a vehicle pulling up to the get together and this person jumps out and low and behold its me but not the wheelchair version of me it was the version of myself as if the accident had never taken place . So I asked the question, what does it all mean? Lately I have been obsessed with the whole concept of self vs self, so is it connected with the dream or is it connected with me thinking about the what if in my life? I even had a conversation with my other self in this crazy dream. FREAKY


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