Know Your Value

Too many times females in our society and in the world over accept things that they shouldn’t from guys it is sad to say that these women do not understand that they are the prize. Young ladies for some reason don’t realize that they deserve so much more than what they are receiving do not ladies please stop treating these boys like they are a piece of gold when really they are a piece of crap. I am not talking about the real men out there but I am talking about the little boys that want to play like they’re men. A man takes care of his own and he treats his woman like the goddess queen that she is a boy that refuses to do what he is supposed to do is more paralyzed than I am, What a waste. Most man dream to have the perfect woman by his side and these jerks have them and treat them bad, ladies just stop settling for anything less than the very best. Stop making excuses for these losers if your not his wife stop acting like it, a real man does not take an eternity to figure out what he wants in regards to a relationship and ladies please stop over looking the good men like myself who just want to treat you right..stop saying that we are boring or too nice just because we want to treat you right. Please stop listening to people like Mary J. Blidge when she said good guys are no fun and bad guys are no good, this woman was hooked on drugs and had a break down, what can she tell anybody about good or bad. No offense to her she has fantastic music but don’t let her corrupt your thoughts she is getting money. Don’t turn a blind eye into a good guy ladies.


2 thoughts on “Know Your Value

    • I think that your point about how media images portray good guys as boring and that its more fun to be with someone who is “bad” is a major contributor. The reality is, it is perpetuating a cycle where guys feel like they have to be “bad” in order to get the girl. For black mean this usually means going down a pathway that all too often leads to death, jail, or living way underneath our potential. Another thing is, a lot of these “bad” dudes ain’t even bad, it’s all a front. These ladies can learn that “good” dudes can be a lot of fun too, and you don’t have to worry about taking a case for his ass! Nothing against my street dudes who are getting it the only way they no how, but that shouldn’t be the rule, it should be the exception.

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