In the world of Hollywood entertainment it takes many years for the average celebrity or even the above average celebrity to hit true Hollywood success look how long it took Halle Berry to receive her first Oscar and this woman is awesome and has been around forever. Morgan Freeman was on Sesame Street before the big times. Denzel Washington lit Hollywood up for many years before receiving the Oscar for a leading character on training day so please tell me how did Jennifer Hudson grab an Oscar for a low budget movie like dream girls. Don’t think I’m just picking on her because how did a group like triple six mafia win a Oscar for “it’s hard out her for a pimp”? The academy awards is supposed to be the classiest most up scale award show of them all, you supposed to honor movies such as silver lining play book Lincoln, from back in the day, the god father and the titanic not movies that stereo type a certain race of people just because that’s what sells. Rap music for as much as I love it or like it does not belong at the academy awards. Music scores from movies like ET, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Les Miserable belong at the academies. I respect the art point blank period.


2 thoughts on “WHAT???!!!

  1. I have to disagree with you partially. I totally agree that the celebration of stereotypical roles for black actors is disgraceful, but I do not think that rap music doesn’t belong in the oscar’s. The problem is, the wrong rap music is on the soundtracks to these movies. It would be nice to have some music in films which, if it is going to address the struggles of street life, would delve into the systemic beginnings of the struggle and the ramifications. Not just “a hoe didn’t pay me so I had to slap her ass, yeah it’s hard out here when i’m tryna get paid.” How about, “The only way I know how to be a man is putting this hoe under my hand, my daddy didn’t show me shit, because the prison was his land!” (Damn, I should be a rapper). See what I’m saying. Substance.

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