I live in a prison with no bars, every moment in my life is literally lived inside of my own mind, it’s almost like serving a prison sentence with no release date in sight I am sick and tired of being cripple but I am still not ready to die and doctors tell me that I have no chance of ever walking again and the scary part about that is after 27 years I am starting to believe them. I don’t want to live like this but I don’t want to give up either, it’s almost like I’m in a catch 22 I’m damned If I don’t and I’m damned if I do. That one split second 27 years ago has had a domino effect on my whole existence, crazy me I thought I would have started walking two years after my accident but it never happened. This is not a pitty party because I hate those, all I’m doing right now is letting people out there now know just what goes on in the mind of a handicap person. A normal life is not a option so we have to adjust the situation that will benefit us the best, it is called making yourself comfortable with your own situation. Some people call it manipulation but I call it surviving. 4-25-86 has left a permanent mark on my heart but all I can do is use that bruise to help others. My spinal cord broke but my wheel has only gotten stronger.

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