Mel Brooks Mega Genius

I am a big fan of Mr. Brooks. In fact, the word big does not began to describe how much I love Mel Brooks. I am 33 Years old and the first Mel Brooks film I ever watched was with my dad when I was 5 years old. I know my family has a weird since of humor letting a 5yr. old watch a Mel Brooks film. Hey, I hade a crazy life so let’s just move on.

Blazing Saddles is still one of the funniest and greatest film of all time. The entire movie was comedy genius. The older I got the more I wanted to learn about Mel Brooks movies. Robin Hood men in tights was another classic example of how Mel could take a serious movie and flip it up side down and make it something insane. A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum, Space Balls and Young Frankenstein are some of the classics that I love. Mr Brooks movies are always awesome because he was never afraid to put together a All-star cast which most celebrities and film makers are afraid to do today. Tell me how people do u know can dominate the silver screen and broadway. Mel Brooks GENIUS !!!


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