So, The PlayStation 4 is coming soon! I don’t have the exact date but Black Friday or 2 weeks before Christmas sounds like the perfect marketing scheme. Can someone please tell me what the difference is going to be between the 3 & the 4 other than the number? Please don’t give me that it has more features crap. Unless, you can tell me what the new features are because I have a iPhone 5 and I still don’t know what makes it different from the 4 or 4s. Yeah, I fell for the trick. I just don’t see how video games graphics can get any better unless you can tell me that we now can play with real humans. Until then just STOP IT!
People don’t have the money for this stuff anymore just like with the Jordan Shoes. People are still paying hundreds of dollars for styles that came out over 15 and 20 years ago. The government tells use we have no more money, people claim yo be broke but the we go out and kill each other for these products. Literally. Who’s paying attention?


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