Justice 4 All or Just – Us?

To be or not to be….Black in America? That is the real question. Hey, how about we ask Mrs. Tiffany Hobbs? Better Yet, how about Kendrick “KJ” Johnson, Jordan Davis, or Trayvon? Oops, we can’t…. That’s right. Well instead of the many other victims of our country equality, lets ask those assholes of the LAPD who used Rodney for batting practice, or how about Ol George Zimmerman or Micheal Dunn? Who’d ever thought our commander and chief would be black? God bless America! But I bet if he was in a Benz he’d still be a “nigga in a coupe” word to yeezy. Alright so is it “liberty and justice for all “? Or is it just us? You decide?

Accept it or not, believe it or not , receive it or not, it really is two very different America’s with two very different sets of rules, it is sad to say and it is a very hard pill to swallow and truthfully speaken there are really three America’s the one where people with physical disabilities are still not accepted.


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