Love to hate, Hate to love

Nancy Grace is the legal definition of the word “crazy”! I am not going to say that she is racist because I think that she hates everyone equally. But I find it very ironic that she is not going after Zimmerman with the same passion that she had when she went after Jodi Aries and Casey Anthony, could it be because Zimmerman victim was a young black boy and the other victims were white? Just pay attention Nancy Grace is like this crazy insane advocate super lawyer when a child is murdered but, when a black child is murdered she tends to pump the brakes on the emotions. I actually like Nancy sometimes and I am total agreement with her when it is time to bring down the bad people but sometimes Mrs. Grace treats every person breathing like a suspect even the guest on her own show are treated like they are moving targets instead of fellow legal analyst. She is a wonderful television personality I just feel that she needs to pull back a little and my God let people complete a sentence before you cut them off. In my personal opinion Zimmerman is guilty as sin and since this was done in Florida bring on the lethal injection cocktail let justice be done for once in the American Judicial System.


One thought on “Love to hate, Hate to love

  1. I dont know cuz I’m watching her now and she going crazy in his friend so she probably not doing like she usually do but she speaking the truth..

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