What’s Going On

In the past 5 months 29 NFL players have been arrested for various crimes the latest is Aaron Hernandez for the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd”What’s Going On”. I am not an expert on human behavior but it seems to be that there is a very big morality problem with our professional athletes in every level from high school to the professional level of whatever sport these guys are involved with is it all arrogance or have these guys been babied by society for so long that they really believe that they are untouchable. Let me straightening you out just because you can run fast, catch a ball, dunk a ball or hit a baseball does it make you above the law. God has granted you and your family favor to be in this position he has blessed you with a talent that no one else possesses so therefore you are in a position to provide for your family like no one else can but don’t confuse Gods favor with favorite because just as fast as you get it you can lose it always remember that. Gifts and talent come without repentants God can bless who ever he wants Christian or none Christian but no matter what or who you are never take for granted the things given to you by God you didn’t give it to your self because you can’t . The arrogance of man will be the downfall of man.


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