Cyber Chaos

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, social networking is pretty much our control now, there is way too much madness going on with this method of communication, Privacy is pretty much a thing of the past. Small children and young people have invaded social networking making it a childish toy instead of a sense able form for people to communicate and stay in touch. It is now un safe to do anything on the net because of predators, something that started out as a brilliant idea is now a booby trap set for un expecting people who are looking to connect new circle of friends for whatever reasons. This method if communication has caused many people to lose their lives just because they hooked up with a stranger they never met. When you can’t really trust the ones that you see everyday. Social networking is a great idea for individuals like myself, who are unable to get out much but just like everything else in life it leaves a filter some way to keep out the bad stuff while holding on to the positive stuff or have some kind of age restriction put on it so that children and young people would not get themselves caught up in a very sticky situation. FB has kept me connected as far back as kindergarten and I think that is awesome because my car accident caused me to lose touch to a lot of people from my past but even in my condition I have to be very careful of who I let in my life, all I’m saying to people is keep social networking but doit with a lot of caution.


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