Tyler Perry has destroyed all credibility, Honor and respect that black television legends have worked so hard to gain and maintain. This man has taken the black actor and actress back 40, 50, and even sixty years ago. Characters like Madea and Mr. Brown are a disgrace to black people but Mr. Perry doesn’t car because this is what keeps his pockets on swole. Tyler Perry has hilarious movies that is no question but what about showing black people in a more respectable light every once in awhile you are a director, you know how to get your point across without being obvious. Our people are not clowns, fools or idiots that’s the problem in Hollywood now they don’t respect African American entertainers because of guys like Tyler perry. I don’t blame him for the whole thing, in fact I am a fan of some of his work, I just feel that he as a director, an African American director should approach things a little bit different than he has.


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