Role Models

1. Aaron Hernandez
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Ray Lewis
4. Tiger Woods
5. Kimberly Kardashian
6. Randy Moss
7. Miley Cirus
8. Lindsey Lohan
9. Dwight Howard
10. A. Rod

Celebrities should not be used as role models for young kids the simple reason is because celebrities are human and they mess up too but when they do it, it is mor magnified be cause of social media social networking and it is a part of what keep pop culture going strong. Controversy creates cash but at what cost? Young kids mimic what they see if they see bad stuff then they mimic bad stuff and unfortunately this is how general society forms steep types about about different culture regardless of if its true or not. Role models should not be found on television they should be found in your own home parents should be the role model bit fictional movie or television characters who have only goal in mind in that is to make money not raise people kids. Years ago Charles Barkley was right when he said he was not a role model because he didn’t get paid to be one. If young people can not look up to there parents then society has failed when I was a kid I thought my dad could do anything but I had know idea just how wrong I was but if you are a small child you are suppose to put your parents on a pedestal because that’s who should look up to I am not judging anyone I just have a concern for today’s youth.


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