NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2014

On Saturday August 3,2013 the NFL will be inducting the Hall Of Fame Class. Of 2013 into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Inductees include Chris Carter, Warren Sapp, Jonathan Ogden Etc.. So it got me to thinking about who should be in next year class and after many hours of breaking down NFL greatness according to yours truly here’s who I came up with.

1. QB Steve McNair
2. Coach Tony Dungy
3. Coach Jimmy Johnson
4. Coach Bill Cowher
5. DE Michael Strahan
6. LB Derek Brooks
7. S John Lynch
8. RB Tiki Barber
9. WR Herman Moore
10. WR Keyshawn Johnson

I usually put posts like this one on my sports blog but I wanted to make sure that everyone would see this. All of these men have earned the right to be Hall of Famers it would be a great injust to the sports world if none of these guys make it in. If you care to know my other views on other sports check me out at this site.


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