Amusement Park Disasters

I grew up in and around amusement parks my whole life. My family and I went to so many amusement parks it became like second nature to me before and after my accident. In my lifetime, I have visited maybe over 100 parks I just love the atmosphere of things like amusement parks, carnivals, and fairs. I was never a big roller coaster person, I was more about the video game arcades because I am a video game junky and because of my disability I never really had the chance to check out many roller coasters and after what happened at six flags in Texas, I am glad that I never have a shot to ride any roller coasters. No fiction, true story I have been under water with real live sharks, I have flown on a Concorde jet twice and before my accident, I risked my own life jumping off of a balcony attached to a tri-level house but all of this does not compare to the fear I have of roller coasters. It may sound crazy, but I feel a lot safer under water than I do being suspended in the air, that poor woman lost her life because of negligence and her children had to watch this happen before their very eyes. Their lives will never be the same again, although she died, her whole family has been victimized by those events. Let’s hope six flags step up to the plate and do right by the children, but nothing can ever bring their mother back.


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