Magazine Debacle, Wow

Rolling Stone magazine showed no remorse and no sympathy for the victims of the Boston bombing last April. This was the most distasteful Rolling Stone magazine cover since the Passion of Kanye a number of years back. A magazine of this high standard knows to use better judgement when selecting features for their cover. I get that controversy creates cash and a conversation but not at the cost of innocent individuals who were hurt in a terrorist attack. Boston is hurting right now, first the bombing in April, then the Aaron Hernandez homicide investigation, let these citizens recover please. The problem that we have in this country is that mega media outlets such as The Rolling Stone magazine like to cash in on other people’s misfortunes. This is not a personal attack on the magazine, I just feel that some things that happen in our world should be left alone so that we won’t cause any more emotional or psychological damage that has already been done. Things like columbine high, 9/11, Newtown Connecticut, and the Marcus Wesson family massacre are things that should never be exploited for personal gain. Please have sympathy for the victims of these horrible acts.


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