Political scandal, What’s new?

Filner, and Weiner are the latest political figures to be involved in a sex scandal. Filner, from San Diego is guilty of sexual harassment to female workers in the Mayor’s office. Weiner is guilty of having extra marital affairs and this is the 2nd time in 2 years that he has been caught cheating on his wife, and she continues to stand by his side. No one seems to understand the reason why. Both men have been asked to give up their political aspirations but why? It’s not like it’s a big surprise that we have freaks running for political office, just remember Washington DC’s Marion Berry. This man got caught in a hotel with drugs and prostitutes and still served 2 terms in political office. I don’t condone what either of these men have done, especially Weiner who has a wife and a 2 year old son, but if the government wants to hold a public burning ceremony for Filner and Weiner the folks that are doing the finger pointing should thrown themselves in too. The government is not a squeaky clean place and it is not for individuals with weak hearts, hell yeah these guys are wrong but so is the whole political system.

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