The Ocean/ The Sea

We are exactly 6 days away from the greatest week of television viewing, this is the best time to lock into your television set and be truly educated on the most awesome animal in the world, I’m talking about shark week which starts on Sunday August 4th at 9pm on Channel 40, The discovery channel. When I was a small child I was blessed with the opportunity to go inside of a real submarine and check out some real life sharks, that incredible experience impacted my life forever, from that point on I always had this crazy obsession with water most specifically the ocean. I had two fantasies in life #1 living underwater and #2 living on the water and I’m not talking about some small time house boat, I would live to live on a cruise ship the freedom of the sea to be exact. Although living underwater is a crazy fantasy I think about it day and night because Larry Barnett Jr. Sucks on land but I know the sea life or the ocean life is the one for me. Be sure to tune into shark week 2013 I have been a viewer for 13 years now And I don’t plan on stoping anytime soon. I feel that the United States government waste way too much money on the space program and not enough or maybe nothing at all on what’s going on underwater.

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