Racism in Sports

Is it mainstream and pop culture or is it up bringing? You decide. Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper was caught on camera using the N word. Riley is a Caucasian male, the N word has received a lot of publicity this summer from the Paula Deen situation to the George Zimmerman murder trial and now this. The latest incident involving a white NFL player at a music concert a country western music concert but that’s neither here nor there. The bottom line is this N word thing has gotten completely out of hand. Because of pop culture every race of people seem to think that it is ok to use this word very loosely, when the word was invented it was not used as a doggone complement it was a fucking derogatory insulting word designed by white people to describe black people. My mother was at the mall one day and she saw a group of Latino young men, there was a small altercation not a physical one but verbal and they started to use the word Nigga to describe each other strange huh? Caucasian, Latino just about every race throws this word around now like its some kind of fucking right of passage. But let me ask you this since you want to use the word will any body out there like to go back try out being a slave as well? Jay Z said that the N word no longer have the same power, but if it didn’t why do we have these conversations going on every dam time some one who is not black uses this word?



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