Third World Country

Is America becoming a Third World Country? I don’t know but it sure looks like it because slowly but surely it seems like the middle class is fading away , I am not a middle class citizen in fact I’m quite poor but that is the whole concept of a Third World Country,The very rich and the very poor. This may sounds crazy to most but this is the formation of the One World government. Take away the democracy and turn it into a dictatorship, one nation but not under God. We are looking more like the United States of poverty were hopes, dreams and ideas mean nothing. The best way to fight this is education and when young people go off to college they need to stop going for degrees that mean nothing do better research and find out how you can effectively make some serious cash. If your not planning on doing shit with your life then stay your non productive ass at home and stop wasting your parents money on a degree that will get you know where. We can not stop the direction the world is headed towards but we can do something to make ourselves relevant when this stuff starts to take place.



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