What really happened?

Chauncey Wendell Bailey, Jr. (October 20, 1949 – August 2, 2007) was an American journalist, noted for his work primarily on issues of the African American community. He served as editor-in-chief of The Oakland Post in Oakland, California from June 2007 until his death. His 37-year career in journalism included lengthy periods as a reporter at The Detroit News and The Oakland Tribune. He was shot dead on a Downtown Oakland street on August 2, 2007.[1] His death outraged fellow journalists, who joined together to create the Chauncey Bailey Project dedicated to continuing his work and uncovering the facts of his murder. In June 2011 Yusuf Bey IV, a local bakery owner, and his associate Antoine Mackey were convicted of ordering Bailey’s murder. A third man, bakery handyman Devaughndre Brousard, had earlier confessed to being the triggerman. Bailey had been doing investigative reporting about Bey and his business; Bailey was the first American journalist killed for domestic reporting since 1976.[2]


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