Normally I would have put this post on my sports blog but this is way to important to have it seen by a limited more concentrated group of people. The latest story that has dominated the world of college athletics has involved Johnny Maziel a.k.a Johnny Football the most decorated Heisman Trophy winner in history in my personal opinion. This kid has been involved in a lot of controversy but when you think about it he is still just a kid, so what do you expect? The latest was an investigation launched by the NCAA to see if Manziel had been receiving money for autographs it turned out to be nothing and he only had to serve a half game suspension just because the NCAA and Texas A&M had to save face after they exploited this boy for the whole entire off season. Basically he was there show pony and they made multi millions off of this kid. The NCAA are basically hypocrites in all sports because they’re a lot of money off of the exploitation of these young people because of video games, jersey sells and television promotion as well as other sports items. But when the kids want to get paid and start exploiting themselves college sports want to punish them to the fullest extent of NCAA laws. Here’s an idea if the NCAA stops doing it maybe the kids will or just maybe college kids should get paid for being used by these major universities. Oh by the way have anybody noticed that this is the last year for the BCS system maybe we should be talking about that instead of Johnny Football. Just let the kid play his sport and stop nitpicking every dang thing like a celebration OMG.


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