Full Circle

The name of the gentleman who hit me with the car almost 30 years ago is Mr. Thompson I say that not out of anger but out of respect. The day my life almost ended is the day that my life truly begin when I woke up from my coma I really had know understanding of what I had been thrust into so through the years I developed this severe anger and I never understood just what that anger was all about until the summer of 2004 when I met the most brilliant human being that I have ever seen, he taught me how to direct my energy and anger until a goal and a dream that I wanted to accomplish and that sent me on a journey to try to help improve the lives of others the best way I could. My transformation took place in my college psychology class and the man who helped me name is Professor Willie Thompson this is ironic because Professor Thompson is the son Mr. Thompson the man that hit me with the car. My life was a fucking mess until I entered into his class angry but I came out determined to show people that a physical disability means absolutely nothing there are abled bodied adults who are more cripple than I am just remember that.


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