Reality TV – Idiot TV

Lets just face it reality show stars should not really be considered celebrities because they are only famous for being famous. They have know real talent other than creating a bunch of fake drama therefore they should be called Fouxstars because they are fake. Real celebrities or real stars have a specific special skill set and talent that makes them famous that is what makes them a celebrity. Real famous people have the ability to do something that everyone else cannot do this is what separates them from everyone else. Mainstream and pop culture has done a great job of making celebrities out of pretty much any body because of social media, reality television and you tube. Over half of today’s do called mega stars don’t even have a talent therefore they should not be celebrated. Acting, dancing rapping or singing and playing a sport are things that should make individuals famous not creating fake drama for the camera besides that reality TV is not reality at all because reality is not filled with lights or cameras.


One thought on “Reality TV – Idiot TV

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