1. The X Factor
2. Americas Got Talent
3. American Idiol
4. Big Brother
5. Heroes
6. WWE Tough Enough
7. GSN Minute to Win It
8. FDN Chopped
9. FDN Sweet Genius
10. WWE Monday Night Raw

All of these shows absolutely suck they all had a place once upon a time but know they are just redundant and awful at the same time. I know what your thinking, if you don’t like it don’t watch it but that is not the point. The point is as fans and a viewing audience we should stop excepting garbage as entertainment, we can not make the industry change what they do but if enough fans demand change they will add new excitement to these shows. Reason being is because major networks value money more than anything else and they get they money when they get more fans but if fans leave then there goes the money. So as a fan I have a right to complain about whatever the hell I want. It’s called freedom of speech and just like Eminem I will hide behind the constitution because my country gave me that right. The downfall of television started with reality shows lets just be honest because it’s cheap labor to hire non talented individuals.


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