The Manning’s(First Family of Football)

Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli this is without a doubt the first family and most successful family in football. When you talk about family legacies you must talk about the Manning’s. Dad Archie was a star at Ole Miss and with the New Orleans Saints, Peyton was with the Tennessee Vols, The Colts and now The Broncos. Younger brother Eli was also a star at Ole Miss and now The New York Giants. Older brother Cooper was suppose to be the one to pick up the legacy from father Archie but because of a spinal illness Coopers career was cut way to short way to soon and believe me I know all about spinal cord injuries redirecting the course of your life. Wow what could have been if all 3 Manning boys could have played in the NFL? Just imagine the possibilities. This family has earned and deserve the ultimate respect this is a legacy at its finest. I truly believe that Peyton Manning was robbed of the 2012 NFL MVP no offense to Peterman but Peyton was faced with a very dangerous nerve and spinal cord injury but he overcame it and set the league on toiler last year. And when you can overcome any spinal cord situation that makes you an MVP. All hail to the First Family of Professional Football!


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