Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen. I have been paralyzed for 27 years and counting. I grew up and still live in a Christian home. I’m still cripple.
HOWEVER, I KNOW THAT GOD CAN AND WILL HEAL MY BODY. But even if he doesn’t I won’t stop trusting HIM. I know that he is more than able. I am guilty of not always doing what is right. But I am trying to do better. The awesome thing about GOD is that, no matter how bad or how much we screw up his love is unconditional, because Grace and Mercy. The doors of forgiveness is always open. I don’t want to be Jobe from the bible. That man went threw a lot. His problems make my problems feel like a cake walk. The thing about Jobe is that he never stopped trusting GOD. Also, the three Hebrew Boys knew going in what GOD could do. The story is already written people. All we have to do is trust GOD And live it.


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