NBA 2013-2014

Once again this is a blog post that I should have done on my sports blog but I want it to be seen by more than just a few people. We are less than five days away from the 2013-2014 NBA season and I must admit I’m having missed emotions about the whole thing on one hand I’m very excited, while on the other hand I dread the ESPN media coverage of the whole season. Because I already know that the ESPN analyst can’t wait to make ways about who will and will not opt out of there contracts in the summer if 2014. I have a strange overwhelming feeling that this up coming season is going to be less about basketball and more about opting out. Although I love ESPN they have a way of harping on and sensationalizing the wrong sports story that always seem to over shadow the bigger picture which is suppose to sports I thought. Here’s a question to ESPN if the gray just happens to three peat what will LeBron James do?


Week 8 NFL Pick

1. Lions over Cowboys
2. Bengals over Jets
3. Patriots over Dolphins
4. Giants over Eagles
5. Steelers over Raiders
6. Packers over Vikings
7. Chiefs over Browns

Quite frankly

Stephen A. Smith is without a doubt the absolute worse sports analyst ever hired by ESPN, I can’t stand the guy. He is a loud mouth know it all who should not be allowed on anyone’s television program. How can one man know everything about every single sports topic? He knows about baseball, basketball, football, and hockey and he has never played a sport a day in his loud mouth life. This guy is always talking but never saying nothing it is no secret just how much I love my ESPN, but this guy has got to go. Stephen A. Smith along with his buddy Mr. No personality Skip B. make ESPN unwatchable at times. Some people may think that these guys are very entertaining, but I find both of them loud and obnoxious. They are the sports version of Jerry Lewis

No Trust

How can New York Knicks players or management really trust Carmelo Anthony? Anthony announced on Thursday that he plans to opt out of his contract when the season is over and the season has not started yet, for me, as a fan or a player of the Knicks I am now looking at Carmelo as my enemy in the camp, here is why, when guys play sports together I look at my teammates as someone who will watch my back when we get in a pinch. I can’t say that about Carmelo anymore because now I know that he and his wife have dreams of moving to La La Land Aka Los Angeles. The Knicks are in a good position to cause a lot of trouble in the NBA this year, but is everyone really on board with that? Carmelo Anthony is a grown man, he is free to choose what he wants to do with his career, but as they always say in life, timing is everything, and I really don’t believe that he chose the right time to make this announcement. This will cause instability and uncertainty with the Knicks all season long.

Tunnel Vision

Some times when an individual is working towards a specific goal you must have or develop tunnel vision. This allows you to keep your eyes strictly on the prize and not be thrown off or deterred by outside distractions. And life is full of distractions coming from all angles but we must learn how to priorities and work through all of the garbage if we want to reach the top of the mountain. I have learned through my disability how to stay focused on my life dreams and goals it is not easy but it is absolutely necessary in order to succeed.


About a week ago a man driving his SUV with his wife and 2 year old daughter inside was harassed by a motorcycle gang. The driver of the SUV hit a gang member putting him in the hospital. Immediately after that another member of the same gang pulled the man out of his truck and gave him a hospital beating in front of his family, while other gang members proceeded to try to pull the man wife from the truck. It was later revealed that one of the motorcycle gang members was an undercover cop, and now there is a huge debate about if the undercover should have told who he was. First of all whoever revealed that the cop was undercover should be fired I don’t take up for the police but I think about the old story of Donny Brasco. One of the biggest undercover operations in American history in fact it was so big that Hollywood made a movie about it. Back to the story if this motorcycle cop was in fact undercover there is no way he could have revealed who he was. Because we don’t really no how deep he had infra-traded this particular gang and by now he may be in to deep to say or do anything that may jeopardize the investigation or his life. My bigger problem is not with the family man for protecting his family, the cop who said nothing I don’t even a problem with the motorcycle gang but I have a problem with the media that broke this story. For some reason the media have access to too much information and they talk to much media makes problems bigger than what they need to be. Even though I am a part of social media and that sometimes can be very dangerous if not used properly I come from a place where we are taught that it is not ok to share everything that you know, The old saying goes loose lips sink ships remember that media.

Week 6 NFL Picks

1. 49ers over Cardinals
2. Lions over Browns
3. Bears over Giants
4. Broncos over Jaguars
5. Saints over Patriots
6. Jets over Steelers
7. Seahawks over Titians