Bombshell/ Old News

Katy Perry almost ended her own life. Yeah 2 years ago. I like Katy Perry, as far as her music goes I couldn’t tell you any of her songs even if you say I could win a million dollars just by naming 3 songs. I just like the person for obvious and various reason, but what I don’t like is how these big name celebrities take an old story and present it like its new news just to get attention, sale an album or promote a movie. My life was forced not chosen my story represents the real struggle and the struggle of so many others like myself or worse than myself, I’m sorry if I can’t feel bad about multi millionaire celebrity babies that bitch, groan and moan about absolutely nothing. Don’t get it twisted I love Hollywood hell I wish I could move there today but there are a lot of things about the left coast that piss me off. Poor little Rich kids.



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