Country of Conspiracies

The Bohemian Grove, The Illuminati, The Skull and Bones, The Arian Nation and a The Mulish-a who really runs this great country of ours? Who really calls the shots? I know one thing it ain’t the White House and it ain’t Obama. It is a well known factor that the President of the United States of America is not the man who is really on charge, it doesn’t matter if it’s Bush, Clinton, the other Bush or Obama these men are commander and chief in name only. The term big brother is watching is way deeper than what individuals realize. I am not speaking out of paranoia but out of knowledge and wisdom. And please don’t misunderstand me I don’t claim to know everything because I know there is still so much for me to learn. I am paying very close attention to the signs of the times. From the very moment Israel gained there independence in 1947 or 1948 the countdown has been on to the battles of all battles, ARMAGEDDON. This is no laughing matter it is very real I mean read your Bible if you have one, watch the news you can even watch Hollywood to see that the picture that GOD beautifully painted is now being distorted and twisted by the devil. Don’t be afraid just be mindful or better yet you should be afraid then maybe it will spark some change in our messed up society. We can’t changed the world but we can change ourselves through the help of GOD.



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