I hate democrats and I hate republicans! I feel that the government does not give a damn about anyone but themselves and that’s on both sides of the isle. This whole shut down drama is messing up a lot of people but the fellas in Washington are not fazed because it’s not messing with them or they families. I’m going to be the first to admit that although I’m a democrat and I do support President Obama and I did vote for the man twice I don’t agree with everything that he does and says. I guess you can call me a democrat with some republicans views. I fell to see why people think that affordable health care is a bad thing when it is a very important thingies am one of them people blessed to have really good medical insurance and I do appreciate all of the things that come along with that however everyone is not in my position and they do need healthcare because doctors and hospital bills are absolutely ridiculous. I have family that work for the government and right now they don’t know when they will be able to resume work. Once again the government is playing Russian roulette with people lives.

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