Get Over It

With all due respect most of sheltered society is outraged because of Jay Z confession to Vanity Fair magazine that the way he learned how to manage and maintain money came from the days when he use to sell drugs. I don’t condone it but hell get over it people it’s reality and it’s the society that was set up by George Jung to keep neighborhoods so strung out that they would keep coming back asking for more product. Jay Z is not the only rapper that got started this way and he won’t be the last. So let me get thus straight as long as know one knew about the mans past he was A Ok Jay but now that he reveals it all Caucasian Americans and some out of touch African Americans are now outraged. To little to late the man is now worth 500 million dollars because you gave it to him. And you can’t take it back from him, know one complains when people like Miley Cyrus or Madonna or any other artist from another nationality or race behaves irrational or acts a complete fool but when an African American talks about the past that he has clearly overcome society gets mad. I wonder why? I am not taking up for Jay Z I am just saying let a success story be a success story without always taking shots at the particular individual.


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