Shady Alliance

Can someone please educate me on what the difference is between the alliance of Tavis Smiley and and Dr. Cornell West and the alliance of Oprah Winfrey and Bishop T.D Jakes. When I see these 4 individuals on my television or internet I don’t see people that are try to help society I see 4 opportunist who are trying to milk and pimp less fortunate individuals that hang on to there every word. Ms. Winfrey is a freaking Chamillion she will be whatever she has to be to make her 2.9 billon dollar empire grow, the rest of these guys are not much different from her they are narcissist and money hungry. And now they tell me that Oprah Winfrey could be nominated for an Oscar for her role in her own movie The Butler, don’t get me wrong Oprah is not an bad actress but the woman has not been in a film in several years so when did she hit Oscar status? I wonder how much she will pay for that nomination? We are living in a hurting and a hurting society. We are already broken down from the way the government has raped and robbed each and every one of us mainly the middle class, the upper middle class and us poor folk we don’t need people like Mr. Smiley, Mr. West, Ms. Winfrey or Bishop Jakes to help finish us off.

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