Native Americans vs Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins football team was founded by an ex confederate solider. This man was a racist and he named the team The Redskins to be derogatory to Native American people. The name RedSkins is very disrespectful and although the team has been called this since for ever maybe a logo and name change isn’t such a bad idea. We live in a society where just about everything I a delicate and sensitive subject. We do our best not to hurt or offend each other. So why is this still even a issue. The Skins have been called that name since before everybody born. That is just about how long this law suit has been around . Nothing has changed yet. Sounds very ironic and very similar to the debate over the N word. It just won’t go away. There is no place for rasicm, to me it is the lowest form of ignorance that a person could display. I don’t care if they are black, Caucasian or Latino. No group of people has the right to disrespect or hate another group just because of their skin color or back ground. Racism should have died a long time ago. There is always someone out there who finds a way to keep it alive.


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