About a week ago a man driving his SUV with his wife and 2 year old daughter inside was harassed by a motorcycle gang. The driver of the SUV hit a gang member putting him in the hospital. Immediately after that another member of the same gang pulled the man out of his truck and gave him a hospital beating in front of his family, while other gang members proceeded to try to pull the man wife from the truck. It was later revealed that one of the motorcycle gang members was an undercover cop, and now there is a huge debate about if the undercover should have told who he was. First of all whoever revealed that the cop was undercover should be fired I don’t take up for the police but I think about the old story of Donny Brasco. One of the biggest undercover operations in American history in fact it was so big that Hollywood made a movie about it. Back to the story if this motorcycle cop was in fact undercover there is no way he could have revealed who he was. Because we don’t really no how deep he had infra-traded this particular gang and by now he may be in to deep to say or do anything that may jeopardize the investigation or his life. My bigger problem is not with the family man for protecting his family, the cop who said nothing I don’t even a problem with the motorcycle gang but I have a problem with the media that broke this story. For some reason the media have access to too much information and they talk to much media makes problems bigger than what they need to be. Even though I am a part of social media and that sometimes can be very dangerous if not used properly I come from a place where we are taught that it is not ok to share everything that you know, The old saying goes loose lips sink ships remember that media.


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