No Trust

How can New York Knicks players or management really trust Carmelo Anthony? Anthony announced on Thursday that he plans to opt out of his contract when the season is over and the season has not started yet, for me, as a fan or a player of the Knicks I am now looking at Carmelo as my enemy in the camp, here is why, when guys play sports together I look at my teammates as someone who will watch my back when we get in a pinch. I can’t say that about Carmelo anymore because now I know that he and his wife have dreams of moving to La La Land Aka Los Angeles. The Knicks are in a good position to cause a lot of trouble in the NBA this year, but is everyone really on board with that? Carmelo Anthony is a grown man, he is free to choose what he wants to do with his career, but as they always say in life, timing is everything, and I really don’t believe that he chose the right time to make this announcement. This will cause instability and uncertainty with the Knicks all season long.

One thought on “No Trust

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