NBA 2013-2014

Once again this is a blog post that I should have done on my sports blog but I want it to be seen by more than just a few people. We are less than five days away from the 2013-2014 NBA season and I must admit I’m having missed emotions about the whole thing on one hand I’m very excited, while on the other hand I dread the ESPN media coverage of the whole season. Because I already know that the ESPN analyst can’t wait to make ways about who will and will not opt out of there contracts in the summer if 2014. I have a strange overwhelming feeling that this up coming season is going to be less about basketball and more about opting out. Although I love ESPN they have a way of harping on and sensationalizing the wrong sports story that always seem to over shadow the bigger picture which is suppose to sports I thought. Here’s a question to ESPN if the gray just happens to three peat what will LeBron James do?



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