Where Have I Been

This is my first real opportunity to do some blogging because I have been really sick as of late. But I am a whole lot better than what I was THANK YOU JESUS. Exactly three weeks ago my mom and my visiting nurse could not get a real blood pressure reading in me, so that meant I had to spend eight days in the hospital. While in the hospital I found out that my hemoglobin levels where super low, I had a UTI and osteomyelitis. I am a man of faith yes I am a Christian please please please pray for me as I deal with this battle.

Working Hard

I’ve been sick but now I’m back I missed you guys continue to pray for me. I spent eight days in the hospital and I hated every minute of it. But Thank GOD I’m home. GOD meant it for my good.

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Bouncing Back

I am down and out in the hospital. Check this out hemoglobin was 6.7 blood sugar was 313 I had a UTI talk about a pile on right. And added to all of that I have a crazy fear of hospitals but I am getting better. Please all of you Pray For Me!!.