J Kidd

Jason Kidd will always and forever be known as one of the greatest and toughest NBA point guards to ever play the game, I mean what did you expect he comes from that Gary Payton style of basketball. In my opinion guys like J. Kidd and G. P are one of a kind. They don’t make them like this anymore however, Coach Jason Kidd just doesn’t work. Just because a guy was an excellent player does not mean it will translate into coaching. Like I said before just ask Magic . J. Kidd has not even been an Assistant Coach anywhere so how is it that the moment he retires he becomes Coach Kidd? Why did it take Brian Shaw so long to become Coach Shaw, when this man has payed his dues in just about every way. The hiring of Jason Kidd was clearly an out right charge at the Miami Heat, I mean the whole Brooklyn set up was clearly all about the Miami Heat. Just look at Coach Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce that move was more transparent then a piece of plastic and it still hasn’t worked out. Good thing they have 82 games to try to figure it out. Teams like the Knicks, The Nets and The Bulls are driven by the wrong thing that is why these ideas are never going to work.