When we first heard about affordable healthcare or the popular name Obama care, a large number of people we actually excited. My mother was even offended when my doctor referred to affordable health care as Obama Care crap. So here we are not even a full year into the affordable health care act and now a lot of people are calling it Obama Care crap, including myself. President Obama assured us that this new act would not affect those of us who already had insurance, but I was kicked out of my Blue Cross insurance on January 27th 2014. Thank GOD I still have AAA and Medicaid. The Government told us that if people don’t sign up for the health care plan they will be penalized. I don’t know sounds like dictatorship to me and when you dig further affordable health care isn’t that affordable when you start adding up your household bills along with this health care stuff what do you have left to survive on? Dictatorship leads to a Third World Country which leads to a one World Government and then the mark of the beast. Its real people and its going to happen .

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