2B A Champion

Please don’t believe that garbage when athletes say that a championship does not define their career, because it does. When we sit down as sports fans and listen to stories about the all time greats, how often do you hear name like Karl Malone and Reggie Miller? You don’t. Although these guys were awesome players they were never champions. The Jazz ran Malone into the dirt. The Pacers did the same for Miller. They have no rings to show for their years of loyalty. So how can anyone blame LeBron or Chris Bosh for wanting to be champions? The Cavs and The Raptors were about to do LeBron and Bosh the same way. So they got out of dodge of their teams. When you are a champion of any sport your legacy last forever. When you are a second place player on a second rate team no one cares about your career. You can be an MVP and even a hall of famer but these things do not make you a champion.
I really don’t understand why the heck these loser sport analyst were giving Payton Manning such a hard time about winning multiple Super Bowls when most of them don’t even have one. It’s always the losers with all of the wonderful advice. LOL

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