Lake Show Flop

In my personal opinion the Buss family screwed up and they failed Lakers fans every where. When they chose not to hire Perry Jackson as President of basketball operations they shot their own organization in the head, let’s face it people as much as it may hurt to admit it Kobe Bryant career is fading. The Lakers need to start investing into the future now. The children of the late great Dr. Jerry Buss is destroying the legacy of the Lake Show. After Phil retired as head coach you could see the diminishing of this team when they hired Mike Brown as the head coach and then they followed his act by hiring Mike Dantoni, if you can not follow Phil Jackson with less than perfection. The Lakers are in a very bad place right now and it may take them awhile to bounce back. I truly believe that Kobe can come back and play some good basketball but I am not so sure that I believe in the group of guys around him. The Buss family need to build now not in the future. Kobe is a champion he is spoiled by winning and winning a lot and how can you blame him, who wants to be a loser? I know that to the team owners of any sport this is nothing more than a glorified game of chess or maybe Russian Roulette to them. However to the players not only do they want to get paid but they want to win, they want to win titles. Nobody wants to be like Ewing, Malone, Stockton, or Miller all the numbers and no rings.


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