Freedom of Speech

Somebody out there please educate me on when this great country of ours went from a democracy to a dictatorship? Now you mean to tell me that I can get blasted in the media and in social media for having an opinion, or I could get publicly ripped for speaking my mind to the wrong person? Social media is both good and bad because it allows you to speak freely as you would like but at the same time you have to be careful not to cross the line. Well Fuck it I’m the type of person that takes pride in not only crossing the line but stepping all on the line. It is no freaking secret that I absolutely hate a lot of things that are on my television screen,basically when I watch CBS I see bs. Hollywood is obligated to give us viewers the best viewing options possible, but instead they give us bull crap. Yes I said bull crap granted there are a few good shows spreaded here and there every other night but these networks make so much dang money that they can afford to bring the good with the bad seven nights a week. #boring! It is a shame when the local news and the national news is better than regular tv programming. Hell television commercial are better than programs these day. Bring back good tv please.

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