It’s A Start

The new NBA commissioner has decided to suspend LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life as well as slap him with a 2.5 million dollar fine. The fine will not hurt Sterlings pocket but I am okay with the lifetime ban. For the past two summers racism has reminded us that it is going strong as long as we have people like Donald Sterling, Paula Deen, and Riley Cooper racism will never die. Racism is still very much alive , it’s on life support but every time it seems like racism is about to die people like Sterling, OReily, Deen, Cooper and Hannity breath life back into it. These people can not accept the fact that this world is not as segregated as it use to be.

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The Un Heard Blogger

I became a blogger almost one year ago the reason, I did it was because I knew that I had something to say but because of my disability I was never given the opportunity or the platform to speak my mind. I absolutely positively love blogging, there is so much out there in the world to talk about that this thing never gets old. Sometimes I feel that the stuff I have to say still gets over looked, I don’t know if what I’m feeling is true or it is just my own paranoia pounding away at my mental stability, I just feel that for some reason I am under achieving at the whole blogging set up. This almost goes into the category of rejection and if anybody out there has ever been rejected you know it hurts like hell. I am just a few days away from the anniversary of my car accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down and somehow useless to people, what I go through on a daily basis I don’t wish upon my worst enemy. Sometimes I feel like the accident has broken me down 28years after it happen.

Just A Theory

Call me crazy most people do. I am a big believer that conspiracy theories do exist and are very real, I believe that the USA, Federal Government as well as governing bodies around the world have secret plans that us regular people just don’t know about. Although I don’t believe in aliens, I do believe that secret societies all over the world work together in ways that normal people would not believe. I do not believe that flight 370 is anywhere in the Indian Ocean nor do i believe that it crashed, however I believe that the government know a hell of a lot more about this plane than what we here on the news,just like I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. My next questions is was flight 357 and the sinking of the ferry boat from South Korea connected in any way? Most people may or may not believe this, but someday this world is going to come to an end, the handwriting is already on the wall and it is very clear. So many people have lost their lives over mindless behavior and senseless acts of hatred. 9/11, Columbine High, Sandy Hook Elementary, Boston Marathon Bombing, Charles Manson and the family, Jim Jones and Jonestown and so many other things that have claimed the lives of innocent people. Please pray for this country and pray for the world over.


Fading away

“Things Of This World”

70 years is all we got
To accumulate goods that seem to mean a lot
For the first 20 years, you’re off to school
Learnin’ principles and learnin’ the tools
To make lots of money, the ultimate goal
Gain the whole world and yet lose ya soul
Huh, humanism is on a roll
20 gets the the knowledge, 30 years to apply
and just 20 years left for askin’ why
I didn’t realize what it was all about
And, was there any use in this rigorous route because

Things of this world are passin’ away
Here tomorrow, but they’re sure not here to stay
Things of this world are passin’ away
So lay your treasure above
And start to live for Him today

All done for self in this world will pass
And all done for Christ in this world will last
Sounds like a simple task…
But everyday life seems to get in the way
No time to serve, barely time to pray
Our focal points lost and we get tossed
In the wind, cold facing the cost
Of fallin’ without stallin’ or even callin’ the Lord
While you were blackballin’
He was waitin’ for you to see the light
And find for yourself, these things are trite

[repeat chorus]


Our mind transforms a want to a need
A simple process that we call greed
Ya say ya like to have money, well I do too
The problem starts when the money has you
Workin’ overtime to keep up with the pace
A lifestyle that you want to embrace
But it’s 2 steps from where your needs are met
You’re keepin’ up with the Joneses, but your all in debt
Which will lead to stress, not meeting the bills
While ya sportin’ a Benz with all the thrills
The domino effect’s gotcha life in check
A temporary stitch and ya livin’ a wreck

[repeat chorus 2x]

Don’t lay up your treasures upon this Earth
They’ll soon pass away
And all return to dirt [4x]

Things of this world are passin’ away
Here tomorrow, but they’re sure not here to stay
Things of this world, things of this world
The things, the things, the things of this world

Don’t lay up your treasures upon this Earth
They’ll soon pass away

Socially Acceptable

Socially Acceptable”

(It’s okay, it’s all right)

It’s okay, it’s alright
Yeah, here we go
dcT is in the house boy
It’s okay, it’s alright

Whatcha thinking, doing the things you do
Whose opinion are ya listening to?
Justifying, you turn it all to gray
Synchronizing to society’s ways

Society has gotten to be all outta whack
And don’t bother with excuses whether white or black
To blame it on a color won’t get a result
Because history reveals to me how ethics were lost
In reality our decency has taken a plunge
“In God We Trust” is an American pun
Funny how it happened so suddenly
Hey yo fellas, kick the melody…

Socially acceptable, it’s okay, it’s all right
Socially acceptable, it’s okay, in whose sight
Socially acceptable

Times are changing, with morals in decay
Human rights have made the wrongs okay
Something’s missing, and if you’re asking me
I think that something is the G-O-D

To label wrong or right by the people’s sight
Is like going to a loser to ask advice
And by basing your plans
On another man’s way of living life
Is creating a brand of ethics
Sure to be missing the punch
No count morals that are out to lunch
They’re sliding away cause everything is okay
It was taboo back then but today ya say, “What the hey”

[repeat chorus]

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on
Here we go, here we go
A come on, a come on

Everybody’s doin’ it
Who’s doin’ it
Everybody’s doin’ it
Yo, who’s doin’ it
Everybody’s doin’ it
Who’s doin’ it
Everybody’s doin’ it
Yo, yo, yo, who’s doin’ it
Ohhhh, alright
Ohhhh, come on

We gotta back to the principles found in the Word
A little G-O-D could be society’s cure
From the state that we’re in cause again we’re slipping
So pray for America cause time is ticking

[repeat chorus 2x]

socially respectable
socially acceptable
socially respectable

April 20, 1999

Remembering the tragedy of Columbine High, it is so sad to say that not much has changed over the past 15 years in this country. Sandy Hook Elementary, 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing and so many other tragedies have taken place at educational institute and other public venues that were meant to be safe, for children and for people of all ages. I remember Columbine very well cause that was my senior year of high school as well. Although I am a Michigander I have a very small connection to the state of Colorado, I lived there with my parents for a brief time. So when Columbine happened it kind of felt personal. The attack at the Aurora Colorado movie theater two years ago was only a few miles from the children’s hospital where I did my rehab after my car accident, so yes these things are very personal to me. We can not fight hate with hate but our safety and freedom are under attack. The government spend so much time trying to figure out how to keep terrorist out of country but if you watch what happen one year ago at the Boston Marathon and 9/11 you will realize that these guys are already here, just waiting to hurt us. We may never figure this thing out but we must pray for America and Israel.

Mediocre At Best

The NBA if filled with mediocre talent or sometimes less than that. The way I see it the NBA has two choices either make it ok for guys to come straight out of high school again or make them stay in college for at least two years. I like the old way when guys were allowed to come straight from high school because what it does now is mess up not only the NBA but college basketball programs as well. Now days these young fellas go to college with the attitude of one and done that throws off real good college programs because they know longer can build a consistently good team when guys bounce for the NBA after just one year. What it does for the NBA is loads it up with a lot of mediocre players making the game boring. I know that the NBA benefited a great deal by guys coming straight out of high school, the names KG, Kobe and LeBron as well as T.Mac come to mind. I feel that if just two or three Caucasian basketball players had come straight from high school to the NBA commissioner Stern would have never made it impossible for guys to come straight to the NBA from high school.

The New Old Democrat

It is no secret that I don’t like politicians, I don’t care if they are democrat or republicans they all lie. So it should come as no surprise to anyone out there when I say that I don’t trust a Preside Barrack H. Obama. I don’t like affordable healthcare because it screwed me over by kicking me out of one of my insurances, and it’s not affordable when you factor in all of your already existing house hold bills these people lied when they said that you could keep your current insurance and Dr. If you sole desire. The government along with the rest of society treat people with physical disabilities like third class citizens I am not bitter I’m just tired, of being over looked. The government is filled with a lot of money hungry power crazed mindless zombies. A lot of these people are so smart that they don’t realize just how stupid they are. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. The middle class is under attack believe it or not. Rich people should want the middle class around because it is the middle class that makes the rich richer by spending money that they don’t have. I don’t want a third world country but this is just the signs of the time, the bible is just for filling itself. Watch, Pray and live Holy that is our best and only chance of survival.