Affordable healthcare does not work especially when you begin to add up your already existing house hold bills and responsibilities. Tell me how could this affordable healthcare garbage be affordable? Yesterday March 31st was the deadline to sign up for Obama care, millions upon millions ran out to sign up, not because this is a wonderful idea but because if you didn’t sign up you would be penalized. I don’t know about you but this sounds like the ultimate style of dictatorship, a catch 22 if you will you damned if you don’t and you damned if you do. This is an all out attach on the middle class because when you get rid of the middle class the very poor like myself will be crushed by the big boys that run the government. We can not avoid it but the country of ours is slowly but surely becoming third world. I’m not afraid to take a stand and talk about it because after all it’s only money. But the question is what will the rich fat cats do the day that money dies, it will be like the Great Depression all over again but this time worst. Hell I’m not afraid to say it President Obama lied to all of us when he said that the affordable healthcare act will not kick us out of our already existing health insurance, then what happen I was kicked out of my insurance. Well one of my insurances kicked me out but a man in my condition needs all of his insurance. I’m not the only American that is going through this millions of others are dealing with this same problem but no one cares because know one fights for the under dog anymore.



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