True Grit

The Indiana Pacers are losing there tight grip on the top of the NBA’s Eastern Conference. The Pacers came out the gate this season looking like they were hungry to be champions but now that the regular season is almost over they have started to choke and strangle and trip over there own success. People say that it ain’t how you start its how you finish but the Pacers started strong and now they are finishing the regular season with a whimper. I know that the only thing that matters here is the post season however it is better to run in than to limp in. It is crazy because the Pacers can beat the good teams but they can not hang with the bottom feeders of the NBA, I don’t know what the problem is, I don’t lie to myself like Stephen A. Smith when I don’t know something I will tell you I don’t know. The scary part about that is I don’t think the Pacers them selves can tell you what’s wrong.

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